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Responsible Sun Care

We all love how we feel in the Sun, let’s commit to responsible Sun care!

Many people think you need to burn before you tan. This is not only untrue, but potentially unsafe and can lead to permanent skin damage. Sun exposure should be based on skin type and never include a sunburn.

Skin Type is Key

Knowing how sensitive your skin is to UV light is crucial. By understanding your skin type, you’ll be better able to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of too much or too little UV exposure. In most cases, the lighter your skin is, the more aware you need to be about your Sun exposure and sunburn potential.

The first step is visiting Take the short Skin Type Quiz to determine your skin type, receive exposure recommendations, and to find your nearest Fabutan location to make sense of it all!

We’re Here to Help

Enjoying the sun throughout the year is possible if you are sure to not overexpose your skin at any time – always keeping in mind that overexposure can lead to skin damage. Take precautions not to tan indoors and outdoors on the same day, wear chemical-free sunscreen when outside and try to allow a 48-hour time period between Sunbed or outdoor exposures.

Fabutan has been Canada’s largest Sunshine brand since 1979, and each and every day we strive to create the most professional and comfortable environment for our customers. Our professional and Smart Tan certified staff are ready to build a Sunshine plan specifically for you. Better yet, Fabutan has been manufacturing our own custom lamp that has been designed to closely mimic outdoor sunlight. Let’s eliminate sunburn, together!

The Pledge

"I commit to a sunburn free lifestyle"

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